Friday, June 25, 2010

A Nation Dwelling in Solitude - Parashat Balak

A nice note on the parasha in today's Hakhel email that also looks forward to Acharit HaYamim:

Special Note Five: In Parshas Balak (Bamidbar 23:9), we find the prophecy of Bila'am come to life before our eyes: "Hain Am Levodod Yishkon U'VaGoyim Lo Yischashav...behold, it is a nation that will dwell in solitude and will not be counted among the nations." As we see how the nations have turned --to the point where they have championed the cause of terrorists (really out to kill them too) against us--we see how disregarded and despised we really are to them--because of who we are. Perhaps one simple lesson we should take and apply for our times is to recite the bracha of "SheLo Asani Goy" with added kavana. Would we ever want to act like this?! Indeed, the joining of countries otherwise unfriendly with each other towards the common goal of hurting the Jew is reminiscent of the Midyan-Moav alliance for the same purpose, as described by Rashi in this week's Parsha. One thing is for sure, just as the foregoing Pasuk in the Parsha was fulfilled--so too will the later words of Bila'am to Balak in the Parsha also be fulfilled: "Lecha Iatzecha Asher Ya'aseh Ha'am Hazeh LeAmecha B'Acharis HaYomim--Come and I will advise you what this people will do to your people in the end of days.... May it come speedily and in *our* days--after all--it is all in one and the very same Parsha!

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