Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Geulah - Yes, even in this "lowly" generation...

Beautiful insight in today's Hakhel email:

Special Note Four: HaRav Dovid Kviat, Z’tl, in the Sefer Sukkas Dovid writes that the Chofetz Chaim was asked how Hashem would bring Moshiach if the Jewish people had been experiencing deterioration in each succeeding generation. The Chofetz Chaim responded that the Geulah will come based upon the pasuk in Malachi ( 3:16 ) “Az Yidbaru Yirei Hashem Ish El Raieihu--then they who fear Hashem will talk among themselves” [to strengthen the Jewish people]... and then Hashem will send Eliyahu HaNavi. HaRav Kviat continues: “Similarly, at the time of the miracle of Chanukah, the entire Jewish people had not yet repented. It was only a small band that fought the Greeks. The majority of the Jewish people were mired in sin. But following the victory of the Chashmonaim and the miracle of the jug of oil, the nation repented. Just as from the one small jug of oil, the Menorah was able to remain lit for eight days, so, too, did the few Torah-true Jews miraculously save all of Jewry. We must understand that the miracle of Chanukah is different from other miracles because it happened at a time when only a minority was worthy. Therefore, it was established for all generations. This is alluded to in Al HaNissim, where we say that Hashem gave over “the many in the hands of the few.” They were few not only in comparison to the Greeks, but they were also few in the people of Israel . For this reason, their victory was exceptionally miraculous. So, too, when Moshiach comes will the small knot of Yirei Hashem bring the entire people to salvation and repentance.” Hakhel Note: Wouldn’t you like to be among this special group? We have the lessons and the lead of the Maccabim to follow!

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