Monday, February 7, 2011

Adar, Increasing Simcha, Bitachon, Kiruvim

From today's Hakhel Email:

Special Note One: Now that we are at the third day of Adar Rishon (!), we are reminded of the words of Rav Dessler, Z’tl in Michtav Mai’Eliyahu (Volume 2, p.123). Rav Dessler teaches that just as there are stages in the aveilus of Av beginning with Rosh Chodesh --which climax on Tisha B’Av, so too is there an increase in the Simcha one is to feel as he moves daily through Adar- reaching a pinnacle on Purim and Shushan Purim. This avodah is not something that one waits until the last moment with. This year, with the extra month of Adar, a person is given more and greater opportunity to develop this joyfulness. A person’s joy is never marked by a one-time chuckle at a joke or one-liner, but at the Simcha of one’s relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu, as the world turns on the axle of His Hashgacha Pratis over someone.

In connection with this fundamental point, we received the following correspondence from a reader: “HaRav Avrohom Schorr, Shlita just explained at his Rosh Chodesh Adar Seudah that the Sefer Chovos Halevavos writes that one who trusts Hashem, i.e., a Ba’al Bitochon, is always BeSimcha. It follows that if one wants to be Marbeh Besimcha, it would mean that he should work on increasing Bitachon (such as by studying the Chovos Halevavos Sha’ar HaBitochon) in Chodesh Adar”.
Hakhel Note: The Sefer Orchos Tzaddikim, which consists of 28 Sha’arim or Chapters, each of which is named by and describes a particularMidah, also contains a discussion of Bitachon--can you guess the name of the Sha’ar--the topic, in which the discussion of Bitachon is contained? Let us get the message from these most classic of Seforim--and let us use this precious time period to expand our Simcha horizons!

Special Note Two: Rabbi Eli Mansour, Shlita brings Chazal who teach about how the Yetzer Hora operates: “HaYom Omeir Lo Aseh Kacha, U’lemachar Aseh Kacha--today the Yetzer Hora says ‘do this’ and tomorrow ‘do this’. Why is the same term--do this today, do this tomorrow used? Rabbi Mansour beautifully teaches that the tachlis of the Yetzer Hora is to keep you at status quo--whatever you are doing today--do it tomorrow. Don’t grow, don’t become better, don’t get anywhere in life. You are five minutes late every day to Shul, that’s just fine--keep it like that; you don’t have time to go over the Parsha--hey, you did that when you were younger, no need to start something new now; you sometimes lose yourself--that’s good, you have to every once in a while--keep it up. Our task in life is to fight him at his “Kacha’s”--just do it and do it again. We have to become better than yesteday--and not allow yesterday’s Kacha in!
Hakhel Note : Rebbe Yisroel Salanter, Z’tl, explains that the Keruvim had the appearance of children--for us to realize that in our relationship with Hashem and with others we should view ourselves as children--not stuck in any kind of bad habit or rut--and always willing to try something new, always trying to explore--to get up and grow. Let us be guided by the light of doing more than in the past, doing Yoseir MiMah She’Hayisi--not being a Kacha Jew--but being like the Keruvim --better today than the day before!

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