Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pesach and Geulah

From today's Hakhel email:

Special Note Seven: The Vilna Gaon and the Maaseh Nissim Haggadah teach that the Geulah from Egypt was called “Chairus Olam--eternal freedom”--because the Geulah of Egypt was the root of, and source for, all future Redemptions. When one does Teshuva, he must always look back to the source, to the beginnings, of the avaira in order to uproot and destroy his connection to it. Similarly, when yearning for our own final Geulah, we must study and review how our initial Geulah came about and what happened--in order to properly connect to it. This being the case, one can never learn enough of the Haggadah, its discussions and its teachings. While intellectually one may know the ten Makkos by heart (including details from the Medrashim), shoot off the four reasons that we were redeemed, or list in perfect chronological order the Mitzvos we have on the Seder night, this is simply not enough. Even if we “know it all”, we must come back year after year to the same concepts, the same lessons, and even to the same words, so that we continue to emotionally internalize Geulah through continuously developing a greater spirit of faith and belief in Hashem within us (See Michtav M’Eliyahu, Volume 4, Page 249). The night of the Seder, with the uplifting four kosos, the Matzoh, the paradoxical Korech, the amazing Haggadah, and the unrestrained Hallel, is given to us by Hashem to continuously expand this spirit of Cheirus Olam within us.

As we move closer towards the Seder, our heightened feelings and awareness of Geulah should move us towards a greater appreciation of Cheirus Olam. As we study the Haggadah and its various interpretations, we should literally feel energized, elevated and uplifted. One should be ever on the real alert to apply the Haggadah’s teachings to our current Golus, and to our anxiously anticipated and awaited Geulah--may it come speedily and in our days. Remember this key phrase as we steadily rise to the occasion of Pesach--it is Cheirus Olam!!

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