Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts about the new month, Iyar by Hakhel

Special Note Three: The Sefer Ta’amei HaMinhagim (page 251) writes that our new month of Iyar is tried and tested as a time for refuah, healing, from the ailments and pains that may affect a person. Why is this so? He brings the B’nai Yisaschar, who teaches that most weakness and illness come from foods which do not comport with the person’s nature or composition. The Rambam (Hilchos De’os 4:15) writes likewise. See also Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Chapter 32.

Since the Mon began to fall in this month (on the 16th day of Iyar 2448)--and it was a perfect food from which resulted no sickness, pain or even waste matter (as Dovid HaMelech refers to it in Sefer Tehillim--”lechem abirim”) and even cured those who were ill--Hashem left the curative nature of the month in effect even through today. Accordingly, Iyar is a time of “segulah l’refuah”. In fact, the Ta’amei HaMinhagim notes, the name “Iyar” is an acronym for Ani Hashem Rofecha--I am Hashem, Your Healer.

What can we do to help promote the curative effects of this special time as initiated by the heavenly Mon? Let us reflect upon the following. The Baalei Mussar note that one afflicted with Tzora’as does not ask others directly to pray for him--rather, “VeTameh Tameh Yikra”--he only exclaims that he is “Tameh”, and those who hear him are expected to pray sincerely for him even without his direct request--and notwithstanding that he has sinned to such a great extent that Hashem has actually made him a Metzora. What a great lesson we can learn at this time of year--which is so special for healing, and, moreover, the Omer period, in which our “Bein Odom L’Chavero” is to be seriously improved upon. We should not wait to be asked, or merely be responsive to the request of others, when we hear that someone is not well. Instead, we should “hear the cry” and go out of our way during this auspicious time to daven for those we may not even know, but whom we have heard are in need of a Refuah. An ounce of Tefillah may mean a kilogram of cure.
PRACTICAL SUGGESTION: During this special month, recite a daily special, sincere Kepitel (chapter) of Tehillim for your list of cholim--recognizing that this is a special time for the potency--and importance--of your heartfelt Tefillah!

Additional Note: A reader wrote the following to us: Rabbi Nachman of Breslov writes that the word IYAR is Roshei Taivos of the words ”Oyvai Yoshuvu Yaivoshu Roga,” thus indicating that the month of IYAR is conducive to see a Mapala for the enemies of K’lal Yisroel!” Hakhel Note: When reciting Tachanun during this month we should have especial Kavannah when reciting these words--that they come to immediate reality--with the events of the past week continuing into the present month!

Special Note Four: As we begin this, the Ninth Month of the Year, we continue our program of especially emphasizing one Ani Ma’amin a month--this month with the Ninth Ani Ma’amin--that this Torah will not be exchanged, and that there will not be another Torah from the Creator. Nothing will be added or subtracted--the Torah will never change. When reciting this Ani Ma’amin, or Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe, or when reciting Birchos Hatorah--recognize the Torah’s greatness--it is here now with you --TO BE AND TO REMAIN AS IT ALWAYS WAS--FOR ALL TIME!

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