Thursday, August 25, 2011

More on Building Yerushalayim, Malchut Beit David and Malchut H-shem

From today's Hakhel email:
Special Note Two: We continue with our focus on the Fourteenth Bracha of Shemone Esrei--Binyan Yerushalayim. Chazal (Bereishis Rabba 59:8) teach “Yerushalayim Oro Shel Olam U’Mi Hu Oro Shel Yerushalayim--Hakasdosh Baruch Hu--Yerushalayim is the light of the world and Hashem Himself is the light of Yerushalayim.” When reciting the bracha of Binyan Yerushalayim we should perhaps envision a great light--which is not only the light of Yerushalayim--but that, keveyachol, of Hashem Himself! Envision the great and infinite shine! If we are not such great ‘visionaries’, we can remember the words of the Avos to Rebbe Nosson that ‘Yerushalayim Nikreis Chaim--Yerushalayim is called life itself!’ With this in mind, we move to the last portion of the Bracha, which at first glance may seem out of place. After davening for the return of the Shechina and for Yerushalayim’s rebuilding, we ask that Kisei Dovid Meheirah Lesocah Tachin--that the throne of Dovid HaMelech should be speedily reestablished there. One would think that these words would be found in the next bracha of Es Tzemach Dovid--which refers to the reestablishment of the Malchus Bais Dovid. The Bach ( to Tur Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 118) records that he was actually asked this Shailah and explains that the re-establishment of Dovid’s throne is very much part of the Bracha over Yerushalayim. In fact, these words are and should be the concluding words of the Bracha--because Yerushalayim’s rebuilding would be incomplete without the Moshiach and the Malchus Bais Dovid reestablished. We are not looking for our own capital city, or even an international capital of the world. We are looking for the City of Hashem to be the place from which the Malchus Bais Dovid brings, maintains, and propagates the Malchus Hashem on His Nation, and on the world. Yerushalayim will not be a physical city of skyscrapers, housing tens of millions, but will be the seat of Ruchniyus given to us by Hashem, as transmitted by the Malchus Bais Dovid. In a very positive way we should almost ‘get the chills’ from the wondrous and wonderful message and meaning of this bracha--let us pray that it is filled in its entirety very soon!

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