Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Weeks and Counting - Nations Vote Against H-shem?

The Significance of September 20th
by Raphael Cohen

Many people don't understand the significance of the Palestinians' UN bid for statehood. What is actually happening is that the nations of the world will take a vote against G-d Himself in His Holy House. They will be announcing, in unison, that this is NOT the land that G-d gave to the Jews, and that this is not the House in which H-shem chose to dwell!

If you look at the first Rashi in Bereshit that talks about the nations accusing Israel of stealing the Land of Israel from indigenous peoples, it mentions that H-shem is the One Who decrees that nations should exist. H-shem has given the land to Israel and taken it away from the indigenous people and Israel is the rightful inhabitant of the land.

This month, the nations, in their brazenness, are going to declare that this land does not actually belong to Israel, and now belongs to another nation. This month also begins the new year and all nations are judged on that day. H-shem deals middah keneged middah with nations. These nations can be in jeopardy since H-shem could decide to take away sovereignty of their own lands as a punishment.

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