Monday, June 27, 2011

Response to Recent New York State Vote

Great chizuk from today's Hakhel email once again:

Special Note One: We all face the shame and ignominy of last week’s vote by the New York State government. It is no secret that this disgrace took place in a state where a good part of the Jewish World (and even Torah world) reside. Woe to us who live in a generation in which immorality is legislated. The same actions listed as crimes in the State penal codes a few short years ago have become legalized and even legitimated in a hideous and dreadful way--utilizing the term of marriage--which to us is synonymous with holiness. Indeed, the Torah sternly warns us KeMa’aseh Eretz Mitzraim ...U’CheMa’aseh Eretz Canaan Lo Sa’asu--do not follow in the immoral acts of Mitzraim and Canaan (Vayikra 18:3)--and this teaching is so essential and core to our belief that Chazal instructed us to read this Parsha as the Kriyas HaTorah at Mincha on Yom Kippur itself. So what are we to do now? Should millions of Jews put up “For Sale” signs in protest and to avoid c’v any other Sodom-like repercussions. As we look at the horrible galus around us, we realize that there is no where to find refuge among the nations--as they spiral downward in morality and decency. This should certainly serve as one more important reminder to us to daven deeply and well f or Ge’ulah. As we had asked HaRav Yisroel Belsky, Shlita after the 2001 WTC Massacre--what should we be davening for--for things to get back to normal? He responded--Yes--that is exactly what we should be davening for--AND NORMAL TO US IS FOR THERE TO BE A BAIS HAMIKDASH AND FOR US TO BE IN OUR LAND. As we shudder over these events--we should, we must be moved to more Kavana in the brachos of Geulah in Shemone Esrei--where we can find the true answers to this untenable situation. To demonstrate how powerful Tefillah is --we need only look at last week’s Parsha. Regarding the congregation of Korach, Moshe Rabbeinu had to ask Hashem Ahl Teifen El Minchasam--do not turn to their offering....Would there be any thought that Hashem would pay any heed to their scandalous, scoundrel activity?! Yes, the commentators explain--Hashem pays attention to sincere requests. There is something else we can do--a suggestion given to us by a concerned Rav. He noted that this act of Government is an act of impurity, of defilement. What we should do, in turn, is with every small act that we do TRY TO ADD TAHARA into the world. Our dedication to Shemiras Ha’Ainaim, to Tznius (both men and women), to not going after the Chukos HaAkum in attitude, style, dress and thinking is our demonstration that even if we are not physically moving far away from the repulsiveness--in our mindset, in our everyday thinking and way of life--it and they are as far away from us as the North or South Pole. We are so far removed from them--that THEY are in Sodom, and WE are together with Avrohom Avinu--spiritually and thoughtfully with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Our goal then is to add Tahara--by remembering that we will lead our lives with circumspection, with dveikus, with care.

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