Monday, July 4, 2011

Geulah Every Day!

From today's Hakhel email:

Special Note Two: We now reach the Seventh Bracha of Shemone Esrei--Re’eh (Na) Veanyeinu--the bracha of Geulah! HaRav Yonasan Eibeschutz, Z’tl, in the Sefer Ya’aros Devash, provides important guidelines and guidance in this bracha. “In this Bracha, one should daven for Geulas Yisroel--not because we will then be the princes of the land and leaders of mankind, which will in fact be the case, but rather so that we can once and for all finally attain Shlaimus and bring an end to Chillul Hashem--as it is permanently replaced with Kiddush Hashem--and this is what we mean by U’Ge’alainu Meheira LeMa’an Shemecha. We should also have in mind that even if we are not worthy of being saved--Hashem can act through his Great Mercy by miracle--outside of and beyond teva-- to redeem us even if we are undeserving--and this is the essence of Ki Go’el Chazak Atta.” HaRav Eibeschutz concludes that even if one did not see the Ultimate Geulah today, he must recognize and appreciate that EVERY DAY we are redeemed from enemies--some more overt, some less overt, who seek to harm, hurt and destroy us in any way they can devise--and Hashem saves us from their designs. This is why the bracha concludes in the present tense--Go’el Yisroel--because we truly experience Geulah every day--and should show our appreciation to Hashem for it. Indeed, it may very well be that if we properly recognize Hashem’s great graciousness to us in our daily Geulos--we can be zoche Middah KeNegged Middah to the great and final Ge’ulah--speedily and in OUR day!

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