Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Geulah Will Come! - uplifting thoughts from today's Hakhel email

The daily learning of this sefer is L'Zacher Nishmas Sorah Breina A'H bas Ezriel Shalom Sarah Klein 6 Av 5772 Special Note One: We continue with additional thoughts on one’s ‘giving a Shiur’ (at least to oneself) on Leil Tisha B’Av--what to reflect upon on Tisha B’Av--and what to change in a meaningful way so that, if it must come, this is the final Tisha B’Av in Galus. Part II 1. It is easy to improperly reflect on Tisha B’Av. One may mistakenly think that his actions today are no different than the actions he has undertaken since before his Bar Mitzvah, and not really different than his grandfather’s actions in Europe or Syria, or his great-great-grandfather’s actions in Poland, Turkey, Italy or Eretz Yisrael. The experience of Tisha B’Av should not be one of Yei’ush--despair, combined with a feeling of hypocrisy--knowing that one will eat on Sunday night, have Shabbos Nachamu in a week and hopefully take a few vacation days before September. No, Tisha B’Av is quite to the contrary a time for us to revitalize our Achakeh Lo--our anticipation, our outstretched hope, our true yearning that the Moshiach really finally does come, and mankind reaches its final goal. It is one of the most basic tenets of Torah belief, as told and retold by our Nevi’im, that the Geulah will come. As to why the Moshiach did not come in the times of Rav and Shmuel, in the times of Ravina and Rav Ashi, or those of Rashi, the Rambam, the Ramban, the Bais Yosef, the Gra, Rebbi Akiva Eiger, the Belzer Rebbe, the Ben Ish Chai or any of the outstandingly great Gedolei HaDor we have had in the past, it is simply not something we can understand at this moment. Furthermore, for all of those who thought that it would be the Chofetz Chaim, the Chazon Ish, the Baba Sali, the Steipeler, HaRav Shach, or HaRav Elyashiv that would lead us to Moshiach, this is also, devastatingly, not the reality now. Nevertheless, we must intensely believe, and intensely demonstrate, that we know that the Geulah will come. We must bring home to ourselves that it is not another Tisha B’Av because it was so last year, the year before, or a hundred years before. It is another Tisha B’Av because in the stretch between Tisha B’Av 5771 and 5772, we simply did not put enough bricks on the wall. The absolute truth is that it may literally be his one extra hour of Torah study, or her one act of Chesed that brings us over the top. The Alter of Kelm teaches that one of the greatest lessons of Tisha B’Av is rooted in the Sefer Nefesh HaChaim: The stabbing of the Paroches by Titus after he and his soldiers had come into the Bais HaMikdash and defiled it in any way they thought possible was, in fact, deemed by Hashem to be a meaningless act, with no effect in the Heavens whatsoever. Indeed, as Chazal teach, the Heavens cried out at the time of the destruction: “[What have you done--nothing!] You have burned a burnt building.” Each one of us, on the other hand, can make the Heavens shake with a deed of kindness, an act of goodness, a sincere prayer, and meaningful Teshuvah. It is up to us, each and every day until the Geulah arrives. There is hope, there is a future, there is an end. All of the sad Tisha B’Avs will vanish into past history, hopefully sooner than later. We all chant together at the end of Megillas Eicha (5:21): “Hashiveinu Hashem Eilecha VeNashuva Chadeish Yameinu KiKedem--bring us back to You Hashem, and we shall return, renew our days as of old.” When we can achieve this point--not only will Eicha be at an end--but so will this bitter Galus, and the sweet Geulah will begin!


  1. Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, Chelek Mitzvot Aseh, Mitzvah 74:

    I have already lectured to the exiles of Jerusalem in Spain and to the other exiles in Europe [Edom]: Since our exile has been lengthened greatly, Israel must separate from the empty things of this world and grab the seal of The Holy One Blessed Be He, which is truth. They must not lie to Jews or Gentiles, and not mislead them [the Gentiles] in any way. They [Jews] must sanctify themselves even in things that are permitted to them, as it is written [in Tanach]:


    And when The Holy One Blessed Be He comes to save them, the Gentiles will say:
    It is done justly, because they [Jews] are people of truth and the Torah of truth is in their mouths.

    But if they behave deceptively with the Gentiles, then they [the Gentiles] will say:
    Look at what The Holy One Blessed Be He did:
    He chose thieves and deceivers for His portion [chelko]!

    NOTE: Rabbi Eli J. Mansour interprets this to mean that the messiah [mashiach] cannot come until the Jewish people earn a reputation for honesty among the Gentiles.

    MICROBIOGRAPHY: Rabbi Moses ben Jacob of Coucy was a French Tosafist who studied under Rabbi Yehudah HaChasid. He was alive in year 1242 of the Common Era when all Talmud manuscripts in France were confiscated and burned.

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  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters of Lakewood

    With much of Lakewood NJ still without power for days, I humbly feel that Hashem is trying to send us a message that: "we" are putting out the light the power of the beauty of Lakewood, the largest town in the US of Torah learning. The light of the Kedusha the light of thousands of Torah learners right here in our town of Lakewood is being distinguished by us with our actions

    We have more Yeshivas and Mesiftas than in any other town or city in America BY"H so we have more responsibility to keep Hashem happier with our way of life, get closer to Hashem as to be an example to the world how a Ben Torah is to behave

    It's time for all of us to make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and see what could be corrected to bring back the light of the Shechinah to Lakewood the town of Torah and Chessed the town that was build by the big Rosh Yeshiva z"l

    If we don't take the message from this storm seriously who knows what other difficult messages Hashem might have to send us in order to wake up and do Teshuva?

    Take a moment and think...are we truly living a spiritual life at least similar to our great grandparents, the way they lived when they arrived in America some 60 years ago? or are we indulged in our clothing, i.e. shoes, jewelry, belt, coat, & mink coats, handbags, boots, sun glasses, non-stop shopping, hunting for bargains, living in restaurants, redoing our kitchens every so often, always planning our next vacations, now Leshem Mitzvah we are busy planning our winter vacation, and of course don't forget Motzai Shabbos hot Pizza & fries, eating it in the pizza shops with mixed company, we have turned into a major "planning board" not leaving enough time to see and plan our lives as "how to serve Hashem better”

    Lets be honest it's almost impossible to walk the streets and keep our eyes clean, and yes, I am referring to neighborhoods of Bnai Torah and Chassidim, not in Harlem, Miami Beach or Las Vegas etc.

    The "Franken-Storm" effect has been felt by many of us, we are all suffering because of it, one way or another, but..... The million dollar question is: are we waking up to Hashems cry?

    Now it's our duty to be strong and say to Hashem:
    OK we are ready to change our lives, our materialistic lifestyle that we have lived up to now, will change!!! We’ll start getting ourselves ready for the coming of Moshiach by living a true Torah life. BTW when Moshiach arrives there will be nothing left of all our Gashmius, so get a head start...and get rid of it now. Lets be more careful with all of the Halochos and 613 Mitzovos of our special sweet Torah.

    Thank you for giving up your time and reading this note of Chizuk. Please copy and paste in Shuls, schools etc. so others can get Chizuk too.

    s.p. It would be nice if everyone takes the Frankenstorm warning from Hashem very seriously to prevent future catastrophes.