Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post Hurricane Post

B"H we were spared from the hurricane here for the most part. But I know several people in New York who were not and though some fared much better than others it affects all of us in some way. Check out Rav Fischel Schachter on for a great talk on the subject by the way.

I was inspired to post something here as I haven't in a long time by the anonymous commenter on my last post. I don't know who you are but thank you in any case. In the above-referenced Rav Schachter shmooze he said it's dangerous to ask why these things happen. He brought a story about a tragedy and a rabbi who attributed it to Bitul Torah. Then Rav Kamenetsky asked him if he was a Navi or had Ruach HaKodesh - implying that we can't really know what caused a tragedy. Then he proceeded to give a fiery speech about Bitul Torah. I remember Rav Lazer Brody saying awhile back that we have to take our personal lessons from events and we all know what we need to work on. The commenter spoke about reducing gashmiut - always a good thing to work on and a pretty direct lesson from a hurricane. I also saw an email from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Center linking storms to lashon hara and other speech-related aveirot. It quoted sources too. All things to think about and try to implement working on in some way.

At around the same time last night as I received the notification about the comment on my last post which was really a post about the hurricane and reducing gashmiut, I found a link to a blog of someone whose writing I have not encountered in quite some time; a contact from university who I recently found on linkedin. I can't say that I always agree with him on everything or his approach at all times but I have a lot of respect for him as a writer and person who has put a great deal of thought into his ideas and works very hard at what he does. I was happy to see he was using his blog forum to encourage people to donate blood as well as money to help others after the hurricane. He listed a variety of places collecting to help people. Since this is a Torah blog I would prefer to list Jewish ones here. But thanks for the inspiration, Dormouse.

 Here are a few: - they have a fund for the hurricane whereby they distribute to the relevant federations in the US or you can give directly to the one where you live.

 There is also the following fundraiser taking place in Brooklyn that I found out about: The devastating effects of Sandy have left some without homes, clothes, and basic day to day necessities. HELP US help them ASAP!!!!Join us for light desserts , great company, and awesome entertainment!!? WIN a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR Portrait Package by Chayitt'y's Portraits, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS at MARCO PRIV√ČE COSMETICS , makeovers, Free entertainment by MALKY KNOEFFLER and inspiring words by KINERET and so much more. ENjoy good food, great company, and surprise live entertainment. Please open your hearts and donate to this emergency cause!!!
 Tuesday, November 6th 7pm-10pm
3003 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn NY

 If ya cant make it- You can make donations payable to Congragation Yereim of Seagate - and mail to Fein- 1475 60st. any and all donations appreciated. If you will be there you're in for some awesome surprises. Great food, great company and great entertainment including Malky Knoeffle ( Emme Kay) , KINERET and moooooreeeee!!!

I have some other things to post also so for the next post G-d willing. Please help in any way you can and many already have - by hosting others, finding out what is needed, clothing, food, heaters, transportation, electricity, charging phones, computer use, rides, etc. Also speaking of linkedin before - now you can endorse people for their skills which is another way to help people in addition to recommending them after having hired them or worked with them.

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