Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tzaddik's Dream - Featured in Halacha for Today Email

B"H, I just heard on a hotline from Rebbetzin  Kalminovitch an outstanding
> dream
>  that a big tzaddik had this year:
> HaRav Posek from Boro Park had a dream about the Gedolei Yisroel who were
> niftar
>  this year.
> The Gedolei Yisroel were by the Beis Dein shel Ma'ala and were begging
> Hashem Yisborach
> to look at how much we have worked on ourselves and how much we as Klal
> Yisroel
> have grown this year. They were saying that - Look how many Yidden got rid
> of the
> tumah in their homes and how much we really want to be connected to Hashem.
> They were begging and begging the Eibeshter to end this galus and bring
> Moshiach.
> Suddenly a loud voice was heard saying: "Do Bnei Yisroel really want
> Hashem's Name
> to be known and full of kedusha in the world? What about how people are
> acting -
>  especially in shul, talking during Kedusha and not giving kavod to the
> shul? Do
>  they really want it?" And then they decided to come up with a conclusion
> that this
> year - taf shin ayin gimmel - is a big eis ratzon and Moshiach is really
> able to
>  come and Hashem wants to bring him.
> There is just one more point: Hashem will test us this year in a huge way to
> see
>  if we really want Moshiach, if we are doing things for the kavod of
> shamayim or
>  for the kavod of ourselves c"v. This year could be the geula (be'ezras
> Hashem).
> This tzaddik woke up in a sweat. He was so shaken up and couldn't believe
> what he
> had heard and seen. He was shaking from real fear.
> Can we imagine that this is where we are up to? Moshiach is at the doorstep
> and
> every single Yid has the power to show Hashem: "I just want to do mitzvos
> for You
> to bring kavod to Your Name," and then we will hasten the geula.
> Imagine the sound of the shofar and YOUR being here to witness this day.
> It's beyond
> imagination that we could be alive to really experience this day.
> Rebbetzin Kalminovitch said that when such a strong rain falls, it is a sign
> that
> Hashem Yisborach wants us to change so that we can be zoche to realize that
> the
> geula is so close. It's in your hands. Wake up and see: "How can I do a
> mitzvah
> and realize that I just want to bring kavod to Hashem's Name. Let's all take
> this
> lesson to heart and realize that we really need to wake up and shake
> ourselves back
> into reality!
> Submitted by  daily reader, Michael B.


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    1. well it could be at any time in any case so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later and IY"H we will find out!