Sunday, November 4, 2012

Donate to Misaskim to Defray the Cost of Generators for the Hurricane

During the height of Hurricane Sandy Misaskim purchased additional generators that cost $21,000.00.

These generators enabled Misaskim to provide power for thousands of people in many desperate situations, including:
  • Home-bound patients on life support
  • Chevra Kadishas were able to do numerous taharas
  • Chasunah halls in some communities were powered so the wedding could continue
  • Aim V’yeled so mothers and their newborn babies can get the care they need
  • Ambulance companies involved in emergency evacuations

Misaskim incurred extra expenses in order to be able to provide assistance during the storm. Please donate now to help us defray these extra costs.

Misaskim of Lakewood delivers generators to Bikur Cholim so that it can be distributed to families before shabbos.
Misaskim of Rockland County lights up a chuppa and chasana hall during the storm.
Misaskim of Brooklyn delivers generators for home bound patients on life support.

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