Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Get the Name of an Israeli Soldier to Pray for

OUR PARTNERSHIP--MORE INFORMATION:  To all who joined during the Lebanon war and previous Gaza war in the Elef Lamate project (to pray for a soldier), the project has now begun again. For those who want names or have names to give, please log on to www.shmiraproject.com or call 02-581-1911/fax 02-5400771. In U.S.A please log on the above website or call / text  443-203-8592 / fax  410-558-6408

Hakhel Note:  Chazal teach us that we are to be “Nosei B’Ohl Im Chaveiro--carry the burden with a friend.”  We suggest that this means that we do not look at a group of people together and get lost within all of the faces in the crowd--but rather, carry the burden with each and every individual.  By partnering with an individual soldier, you are helping another person carry his heavy burden--Ashrecha

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