Sunday, November 18, 2012

YI Woodmere Fund to help shul and hurricane victims

From Rabbi Billet:  
“YIW (Young Israel of Woodmere) has set up an umbrella fund called YIWSandy Relief Fund which is a separate independent account with the 501 C3 status of the Young Israel of Woodmere. The fund will be administered by Rabbi Billet together with four lay members (an attorney who has CLE training in disaster relief, two other attorneys, and a comptroller / CPA – (two of these people are past presidents of YIW)). The fund will be discretionary unless you indicate that you want the money you donate to go to one, two, or all three of the following needs :

1. The General Community Assistance fund, administered through the good offices of Achiezer, which has helped, and continues to help, everyone in all the afflicted communities including many YIW members. We have YIWrepresentatives on the distribution board of this fund. It is a very worthwhile cause.

2. The specific needs of YIW members who have been hurt by the storm but whose problems are beyond the scope of the general Communal fund or who need a supplement to what they receive from the Communal fund. This too is a very important cause

3. The YIW Repair fund will help our Shul deal with the tremendous cost of repairing our facilities. As you know our Shul served as the community center for the two weeks immediately following the disaster. This too is a very important cause.

4. You can also specifically indicate if you want your funds divided fully at the discretion of the YIW Sandy Relief Fund Committee.

There are two ways to donate:

Please go to and follow the prompts after clicking on the appropriate donation link. This option will be available starting Friday, November 16, 2012

You will receive a snail mail letter from YIW in which you will find a tear off slip which gives you all of the options. Return your check made out to YIWSandy Relief Fund in the enclosed addressed envelope

Your preferences will be fully respected.  Our Shul Treasurer, Jeffrey Resnick, will monitor all gifts and submit to the Fund's committee a spreadsheet so that they will distribute the money in accordance with the donors wishes.

One final note: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide charity on the heels of the greatest disaster our area has ever seen. We have never had an opportunity before to give to so many "poor of our own city" - which is of the highest priority in giving charity. Furthermore we dare not give only to ourselves. We need help but so do many others from other neighboring communities. The Community Assistance Fund 
of Achiezer fulfills that mission and by giving to it, you are achieving a noble end. The YIW funds enables you to help the people in our immediate community whose needs transcend the criteria of the Communal Assistance Fund or who need more than the Communal Assistance Fund can give them. This is also vital. “


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