Sunday, November 4, 2012

Help Chabad institutions affected by hurricane

 Just twenty four hours ago, Lubavitch World Headquarters launched an emergency relief effort to assist Shluchim, their Mosdos and their communities which were affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. It is becoming apparent that the damages are much greater than initially anticipated. The help of Chabad communities around the world is crucial at this time. We must stand together with the Shluchim who have suffered tremendously due to this storm.
The first $27,000 raised has already been allocated to seven Shluchim in the New York and New Jersey area. Obviously, much more is needed.
We ask that you encourage your community to support this vital effort. You can send or direct them to the donate page on or 
Funds will be allocated as they are raised. The next allocation will be within 48 hours.
Vaad for Jewish Hurricane Relief
Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, Rabbi Yosef Gopin, Rabbi Mendy Herson, Rabbi Zalmen Aaron Grossbaum, Rabbi Anchelle Pearl, Rabbi Mendy Sharfstein, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon,

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