Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tzitzit education program - something we are working on lately

Among other things my husband has a site called which has various resources and information as well as links to videos about tzitzit tying. He also sells tzitziot garments of various sizes and different varieties based on your preferences. It's important to research the kashrut of tzitziot and talitot ketanot that you buy because apparently not everything sold is necessarily kosher nor may it be permissible according to the opinion or minhag that you follow.  For example, if it's made of a material that is not obligated to have tzitzit and you wear it on Shabbat it might be considered carrying. There can be other issues too. So please do your research and speak to your rabbi about it also. We also want to do a program for schools and camps to introduce the mitzvah of tzitzit to kids as a beautiful part of our heritage and hands-on educational activity. If you know of or are affiliated with a school, camp or youth activity program and would be interested in such a program, please let us know. Here is the content of the letter we are currently sending out to schools:
We at are introducing a new Tzitzit education program for schools and camps. Teachers and Rabbis can order Tzitziot for their students and in so doing educate them about this important Mitzvah. We offer the quality Talit Katan garments either with the strings attached or not; in the latter case the educators can teach their students how to string the Tzitziot themselves. We also provide online Tzitzit resources and educational videos about how to tie the Tzitziot.
Please print the following form to order your Tzitzit education program:
Prices depend on ordered quantities. Upon receipt of the form we will send you a total including shipping costs within 6 business days.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the program.

Thank you for helping educate our Jewish youth!

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