Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Follow-up Source to Yesterday

Mrs. Rochel Chana Riven gave me the link to one of the sources about her discussion on descent for the purpose of ascent here:


Thank you, Rochel Chana! In reading it I saw that it discusses the same theme as that of a book I recently read, or I should say, attempted reading because it really requires more in-depth study, called The Jewish Self by Jeremy Kagan. Basically it's about the various Galuyot and how existence is different without prophecy and it's an opportunity now to construct ourselves from scratch by means of Chiddush in Torah. He is a BT rabbi, studied I think in Ohr Someach and elsewhere, based it on teachings of his rebbe but has various sources. Really brilliant stuff. One amazing aspect of it is that he is a student of general philosophy as well as Torah and it's written in a way that can appeal to a secular as well as a religious reader and all can benefit.

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