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Nivul Peh Taints One's Neshama -


This is the 3rd installment in a series about improving our speech, l'ilui nishmat Saul Bruckner, a'h. This is Part 2 to yesterday's Part 1 from Halacha for Today.

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2) Furthermore, Nivul Peh taints a Jew’s Neshama. (See Chofetz Chaim in Sefer Nidchei Yisroel Perek 20)One who [regularly] uses Nivul Peh is risking having his Tefilos rejected by Hashem and causing his Neshama to not be taken up to heaven when he goes to sleep at night and thus losing out on the nightly cleansing that a Jew’s Neshama usually receives, spiritually an extremely dangerous thing to miss out on. (See Sefer Chareidim ibid. where he also refers to Nivul Peh as "Avi Avos Hatumah, the most severe kind of impurity)

Using Nivul Peh can unfortunately reverse seventy years’ worth of good judgments against a person and cause him much suffering; whereas controlling one’s mouth can reverse seventy years’ worth of bad judgments and save a person much suffering. (See Talmud Shabbos 33a where the Gemara enumerates many other consequences of using Nivul Peh. Merubah Midah Tova M’Midas Puraniyos, good measures are always given more abundantly than their converse. See Rashi Shmos 20:6)

Blogger's note: What amazing hashgacha - I just ran into the above-referenced passage in the Gemara in Rav Falk's book on Tzniut. More on that tomorrow, G-d willing.

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